It’s so refreshing to read an insightful ‘business book’ written in such a light and breezy way. A pleasure to read. Great insights into the challenges and opportunities inherent in branding, without the BS or ‘corporate speak’ that fill more typical books about brand. Finished it in one sitting, but found myself returning to it and to my highlighted passages for weeks to come. The insights are relevant, timely and the author’s frank admission that many brand challenges don’t have a clear or simple answer is refreshingly honest and real. If only all business books were as enjoyable and insightful as this one!

— From Regan

I just read this very informative book on branding. I believe every business or industry can use this. Certainly publishers and their authors can learn some valuable lessons. Their readerships or markets change and unless you change with it you sink. The corporations and countries using this gave me insight. Also who more than celebrities and their agents know more about branding? From year to year or day to day a product can be lost in this huge world of products etc. Knowing and evolving are certainly the keys.

— From Intrepid

Just finished reading your book and I must say I genuinely enjoyed the read. The conversational style of writing, at first was almost off putting as you don’t expect that in a business book. You have championed the brand cause admirably. I can see myself dipping in sections to borrow the odd quote or thought.

— From Jack

One word… WOW. I loved the content, it was so informative, especially in my current role and it certainly made me laugh in every chapter.
I felt like the book was talking to me, it was easy to read and I felt like you just chatting to me as opposed to reading a dull text book at school.

— From Ryan

Very well written and the anecdotes were illuminating and painted an important picture of the shortcomings of the corporate world and their understanding and use of a branding strategy.

It struck me that without being “sponsored” by the CEO and Board getting a company to proactively recognise the need for a strong branding strategy, engagement is often going to happen under stress and when the company is in trouble, which is inevitably when they don’t want to spend money!

— From Ron

A great introduction as to why branding is so much more important than most people realize. I hope the authors write a follow-up book explaining how an individual or a company can better understand and improve their own brand.

— From Fab

Thank you for providing a very interesting read.  Your book was very engaging and the messages and examples rang true particularly as it relates to the work we are doing on purpose and the need for everyone in the organisation to be aligned about why they are there and speaking and acting with the same clarity.

— From Stephen
I read your book over the weekend. I never considered branding equated to Higgs Boson! The God particle of marketing 🙂
It was a good read and certainly helped to fill my understanding of where branding fits in the whole marketing conversation. Particularly the notion that branding informs your marketing strategy. This is counter intuitive to (my) conventional thinking.
— From Kurt

This is an informative book and worth every penny.

— From Paul