The emergence of digital technologies has democratised branding from the province of marketing professionals to any teenager with an Instagram account. Brands can be institutional or personal, profitable or playful, but the environment they compete in has expanded to the global arena, where change is the only constant.

Imbued with humour, history, and personal insights from the front lines of the branding business, the authors show companies how our global, digital society has made brand strategy crucial to their bottom line, and urge fellow brand strategists to promote branding as more than just a logo.


I just read this very informative book on branding. I believe every business or industry can use this. Certainly publishers and their authors can learn some valuable lessons. Their readerships or markets change and unless you change with it you sink. The corporations and countries using this gave me insight. Also who more than celebrities and their agents know more about branding? From year to year or day to day a product can be lost in this huge world of products etc. Knowing and evolving are certainly the keys.

— From Intrepid

Just finished reading your book and I must say I genuinely enjoyed the read. The conversational style of writing, at first was almost off putting as you don’t expect that in a business book. You have championed the brand cause admirably. I can see myself dipping in sections to borrow the odd quote or thought.

— From Jack

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