September 28, 2020

How disruptive technologies are upending the world’s biggest automotive brands

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Darren Taylor

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The global automotive industry is currently being disrupted on a level not seen since the introduction of the internal combustion engine replaced the horse and cart.

Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electrified cars are changing the face of the automotive industry to the extent that in 10 years’ time many of our much loved car brands may cease to exist. Get under the hood of the automotive industry to find out what dramatic forces are at play and how some car brands are preparing for the disruption.

About our guest, Mario Herger. Based in Silicon Valley, Mario is a world leading researcher of technology trends, author, keynote speaker and innovation consultant to start ups and Fortune 500 companies.

He helps companies breathe the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from Silicon Valley into their organisations, so they can be more innovative and discover trends and tipping points earlier, and influence them.

He is a prolific writer of books having written five since 2016. Some of these titles include When Monkeys Teach Monkeys: How Artificial Intelligence Will Make Us More Human, Foresight Mindset: The Art and Science to Design Your Future, The Last Driver’s License Holder … Has Already Been Born. Mario is an accomplished musician and plays the rare instrument hammered dulcimer, and is an accomplished tango dancer.

Reach out to Mario for more information:, or LinkedIn

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